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Wrought iron home furniture and ornaments are always worth the repairs. These are among the few pieces that should be maintained to last forever. Just look at the 13th century wrought iron gates in London that have survived until these days. The longer your ironworks last, the higher their value becomes.

You have two choices when it comes to repairs—do it yourself or hire a professional. Most people would try the DIY repairs first. They would hire professional repairs only when the DIY failed. But why give failure a chance if you can always ensure quality repair and restoration done by professionals. Skilled and experienced craftsmen are reliable to do repairs because, obviously, they have all it takes to do the job right.
Correct Preparation

Repairs on your gates, fences, railings, balconies, and other ironworks must not be started right away. Professional craftsmen will prepare the ironwork by cleaning it well. Removing surface impurities will ensure that dirt, water, paint, coating, corrosions, and oils will never further penetrate the work, which could lead to its total damage.

Accurately Use the Right Tools and Materials

The number one rule for ironwork repairs is to use a stronger metal to weld the parent metal. That’s because only a stronger metal can effectively support the broken ironwork. A professional craftsman will know that antique wrought ironwork can never be fixed with the typical mild iron, but at least with the same type of iron.
A professional craftsman also knows the type of electrodes to use, how to properly position them, and how to set their correct amperage. Doing all these correctly will ensure high quality repairs. Otherwise, further damage to the ironwork will result.
A skilled craftsman understands how critical it is to determine the sufficient current needed to accurately melt the metal. Besides that, he knows how fast the travel rate should be to ensure that no distortion of the ironwork will happen while doing repairs. If not done correctly, the precious wrought iron will crack or be permanently distorted. Worst, fusion might not occur.

Successful Fusion

An experienced craftsman knows that the very purpose of repairs is to combine the split metals together. And he knows just how to do that—use the right tools and use them correctly.
Successful fusion means that the ironwork is repaired for real. The best repairs ensure that the fixed part will never get broken again. The worst repairs will only make it seem on the surface that the ironwork is fixed. It only takes some time before the piece reveals the incompetent DIY repair.

Ironwork Repairs by Reputable Company

Wrought ironworks are timeless and should only be handled by professional craftsmen who have the skills, knowledge, and experience like the Universal Ironworks.

We have been making and repairing sophisticated and delicate ironworks for more than 15 years now, serving happy clients in Long Beach, California and nearby states. The more than 15 years of experience is more than enough to prove our claims.

So why settle for ironwork repairs that will only destroy a beautiful piece? Never do any delicate repairs like these on your own. Preserve the durability and beauty of any ironworks by hiring the skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced craftsmen of Universal Ironworks.

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